Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Review

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Reviews

Today we would like to tell you about one of the most versatile baby carriers on the market available today. It is quite often compared with Ergobaby 360 as well as Lillebaby. All three of them will take you from infant well into second year and have 4 carrier positions available. So let’s take a closer look at Beco Gemini baby carrier.

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

Beco Gemini Baby carrier seems like a versatile carrier that has it all: lightweight, intuitive use, safe, comes in organic, fits babies from newborn to toddler and much more. So is this carrier all that perfect? After some research we found that Beco Gemini has mostly positive reviews. But what moms don’t like about the carrier are the safety buckles (it has a special button that you have to press if you want to unbuckle, so you need two hands to do it), there are some complaints about the front strap tearing up, some bigger or taller babies outgrowing it well before the indicated weight range and the straps digging into baby’s face when the support flap is up. Also a relatively high price tag could be an issue however most moms found the investment worth it. Also there are some reports that the carrier has become of worse quality than it used to be. From what we understand it used to be made in the USA and now it is made in China. We are not saying this is the reason, however moms that used to own it before and bought it now are less happy with it.

Personally we love that the buckles have that safety button. There was a time when for some reason I did not notice that I did not buckle up the waistband properly and when I wanted to unbuckle I found that it still was not opening without pressing the safety button. If it was not for the safety button, it could easily slip right open. Sometimes it could be tricky to unbutton but after some getting used to you do it quickly and easily. I mean, it is not much harder than using a wrap! 🙂

Buckles of Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

This video from SnuggleBugz will teach you everything you need to know about using the Beco Gemini. The carrier is so straight forward and intuitive that you will have no issues remembering the instructions:


The Beco Gemini carrier is made from cotton padded fabric (comes in organic as well, just another bonus). However some people say it is ‘cheap’ and everything sticks to it easily. But most people seem to like it and there are not too many reports of carrier actually tearing up (we found one on Amazon). On the other hand, after washing it multiple times most parents plan to use it with other babies, therefore the carrier seems to be quite durable.

The carrier material is completely baby safe (the cotton shell) and comes in whole lot of different designs which is nice (we got the ‘Arrow’). We have come across some complaints that it has some sort of synthetic smell coming from it when new, but I do not feel that it is a very big problem considering that after one wash smell goes away, to us it smells like a new product.

However, as you can see from the photo above, it contains the PUR foam. After some research we found out that PUR foam is so-called polyurethane foam and many baby products, especially mattresses are made from it. warns us against choosing materials containing polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane foam is the filling material used in most baby mattresses. It is made from petroleum and is highly flammable. Depending on how it’s processed, polyurethane foam may contain various chemical additives, including formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and other well established toxic chemicals.

So you can decide for yourself or perhaps do some more research on the PUR foam use in baby products. We feel that considering that the coat is 100% cotton, there is nothing wrong with using it.

Beco Gemini Carry Positions

The Beco Gemini has 4 carry positions, which is exactly what most people are looking for.

Beco Gemini Carry Positions

Front Carry Facing In and Facing Out Position

The front carry facing in position is suitable for both toddlers and newborn. The trick here is that the base of the carrier is adjustable. It has two wings at the bottom that can be easily snapped up to make the base narrower. The ease and with which all the adjustments are done is advantage above all other carriers. Even if you have never used the carrier before you will be able to easily figure out what is what.

Beco Gemini for Newborn

When your bub is still very little you can carry him in an upward position with legs in. Simply adjust the carrier to the ‘wide base’ setting and place your newborn without taking legs out. So it feels much like K’Tan. When the baby gets a little bigger, adjust it to ‘narrow base’ by simply snapping the base wings up and take your baby’s legs out.

Some moms complain that the newborn feels way too floppy in the carrier even when within the indicated weight range

Watch this amazing video of CloudMom. It will tell you all about using the Beco Gemini baby carrier for newborn.

Beco Gemini for Toddler and Older Baby

When your baby gets good head control usually at about 4 to 5 months, you can adjust the base to ‘narrow’ and carry your baby in a facing out position so she can interract with the rest of the world. Just make sure not to overdo it! My daughter got tired pretty quickly in this position – just too much to see!

Back Carry Position

Back carry position is suitable for older babies, most parents prefer to wait till toddlerhood to try it out as you cannot see the baby in this position. in their review mention that they could not get the front clip as tight as would be comfortable. Personally I tried it with my daughter once, and I can also report that the front clip was somehow too high for me (very close to my neck), which I did not like so much. But my daughter on the other hand seemed content enough.

Hip Carry Position

Hip carry position is also something you would use when your baby gets a little older and has full head control and is OK with the wide base. My daughter seems to like this position. I feel that this is an ‘in between’ position from front to back. Baby gets a better view of everything, can easily look at you and you can see him. Which is a win-win.

But as BabiesBottomsandMore mom reports:

I feel that a dedicated carrier for a hip carry, such as a ring sling, are far more comfortable for this position than the Gemini. The Gemini performs well in a hip carry, but it does feel a bit bulky. I much prefer my Hava Ring sling for the days that I want to keep Norah on my hip. I can absolutely appreciate having the option of a hip carry in the Gemini, but would rarely use it in real life.

So as you can see, Gemini is still a SSC not a sling, but if you end up having to carry your baby on your hip – you sure can.

Hip Carry Position Beco Gemini


Safety of Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

When it comes to safety the carrier does a pretty good job. Although there are some complaints about material being ‘cheap’ and less reliable than, say, Ergobaby’s, there are not too many reports of Gemini tearing up even when used for couple of children. The material is lighter than Ergo’s but to me it seems like a benefit.

The buckles on Beco Gemini carrier have a safety button. Not only does it prevent you from opening two buckles at the same time and letting the baby fall, it also stops the buckles from unbuckling in case you did not click it in properly.

Although there are some complaints about the safety buckles, it seems like a useful feature, considering that the only downside is discomfort when taking it off and perhaps the extra minute (or less) it takes. First, what is a minute to you when it comes to baby’s safety. Second, most moms get used to it pretty quickly and get very good at buckling/unbuckling them. Some moms say that they returned it because the hip buckle needs two hands to undo and they cannot hold the baby while doing it. But to us it makes no sense. As you first take off the shoulder straps, put down the baby and only then take the carrier off the hips.

Beco Gemini is of course ergonomic which is very important for your baby’s health. Baby’s back is kept straight and well supported, even toddlers in a back carry position maintain straight back without hunching.

Toddler’s back is well-supported:

Beco Gemini Back Position for Toddler


Ergonomic position:

Ergonomic Beco Gemini Baby Carrier


Other than that, the baby sits very securely in there, both newborn and toddler.

How comfortable is it for a baby and the wearer?

Most moms seem to have been quite comfortable wearing the Beco. It has comfortable thick belt that firmly sits on the hips, can fit a parent of any shape and size, has comfortable wide padded straps that do not dig into your shoulders. Although we have come across some moms who seemed to think that the shoulder straps are too wide, I think it is rather an exception. The straps can be easily adjusted. When in the front carry position, the shoulder straps can be crossed at the back, so you do not have to buckle the chest buckle which can be tricky at times. Plus the straps do not fall off your shoulders that way.

However we can report that a lot of people do not appreciate the the hip strap being longer on one side than the other. It is very difficult to adjust that way. It supposedly is made so that the hip buckle is on the side not at the back but it does not end up working that way for most moms. The buckle is still at the back and the strap is way too long on one side which is not comfortable.

Babies, when used within the indicated weight range, are quite comfortable in it. Because the carrier does not need the insert, newborn does not get too hot in it. It has good head support although reports that

the straps and buckles on the head support tend to dig into baby’s head, especially those in the 6-12 month range.

With the carrier being very soft, there are no issues reported with it digging into baby’s legs in the leg hole area, which is a very good thing. Back carry position is also comfortable for the baby, although for the parent there are some issues with the chest strap being too high and not being able to make it tight enough.

Age Range of Beco Gemin

Beco Gemini can be used from birth till toddlerhood. Newborn babies are carried in front carry facing in position with legs in. When they get a little bigger they can be carried in facing in legs out position with narrower base. When the baby is ready you can switch to wide base. Around the age of 4-5 months you can start using facing out position. At around six months or for some babies earlier the hip carry position can be introduced. (and we agree) recommends to start using the back carry position no earlier than the child’s toddlerhood, as you cannot see the baby.

Washing your Beco Gemini

Washing your Gemini is pretty easy. These are the official instructions from

Machine wash with mild detergent on delicate cycle. Air dry carrier. Spot clean as needed. Please avoid frequent washing.

You will not have any problem washing your carrier. Most moms report washing it quite often and even putting it on a delicate setting in the dryer. But air drying works great too. Just wash it in the evening and in most cases in the morning it will be dry and good to go.


So should you buy the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier?

So in conclusion we would like to say that, yes, we do recommend Beco Gemini baby carrier. And most moms out there seem to agree with that. It can be used for infants and toddlers, does not need an insert, lightweight, ergonomic and support baby’s back. Moreover it is comfortable for the wearer, can be worn for extensive periods of time and very easy to wash.

On the other hand the disadvantages of the carrier are the buckles (the safety button), the fact that it does not have added features like the hood and pocket and to some the PUR foam in the body of the carrier. Although we feel that these ‘disadvantages’ are very personal and mostly insignificant.

What other moms say about Beco Gemini baby carrier?

When you are buying a carrier it is always good to read the reviews about it. It is often time consuming to sift through dozens of comments to find the ones that will show you the full picture of what you are getting yourself into. has done the research for you. We have selected top comments from major websites that we believe will show you the full picture. Read the reviews of Beco Gemini baby carrier written by other moms and decide by yourself whether you can live with certain drawbacks that the carrier has. Keep in mind that Beco Gemini has mostly positive feedback however we have tried to choose those reviews that show the negative sides of the carrier


when my son became a toddler and I used this while traveling, he complained that the sides of the carrier that went under his thighs would dig into him, making it uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable that we had to switch back to the Ergo for travel. He is now 32 pounds at age 3.5, and this must have been around age 2+, so less than the manufacturer suggested max. Another thing to keep in mind!!


First, I have to second the opinion of the commenter that the sleeping flap is pretty awful! The strings dig right into baby’s head! The design would have been much better with some sort of cloth strap instead.

Second, the back strap (chest strap if in back carry) can come undone and is not very secure. It seems there is an option to remove it, so you can just slip it off entirely. Unfortunately, you can’t close off that opening, so it is a bit dangerous. Plus, the clip is not that secure to begin with.

Third, the waist strap is strangely too short on one side. For those of us who put on carrier while holding baby, this is problematic. I always have it on the max and would like to be able to loosen it more for putting carrier on, to then adjust once it’s on.

Still hate the extra secure button on the waist strap snap, but have been learned to do it one-handed.


Still very, very comfortable for the wearer
LOVE that baby can face out (which he really loves at this age) and still be ergonomically comfortable/safe
THIS is now my and my husband’s go to carrier for everything.

UPDATE at 10 months:

This is definitely my go-to carrier. It is much more comfortable than the Ergo, as baby gets heavier. Crossing straps in the back even make front carrying relatively comfortable (though not recommended for long periods of time). My husband and I both use this one all the time, and it is quick and easy to adjust. After 10 months, my complaints are still the following:

The “chest” strap (strap connecting shoulder straps) comes off relatively frequently and this is a nuisance. There should be no opening in the plastic allowing that to happen.

The two-handed safety for the waist strap is a nuisance — you really need one hand for baby and one hand for the buckle! We solved this problem and disabled ours by carefully removing the part that buckles for the third (extra hand) release. I guess I would not recommend this as I am sure the manufacturer would not approve, but it is what it is.

The sleeping panel connectors are still really a pain and basically not very usable. The string connecting to the top is hard on babies head, except if you pull it very tight, but baby pushing head back can loosen them so that they are long again and digging into head.

It’s kindof a pain that the waist buckle is so far to the right of the body. I really prefer a placement closer to the center because I often delicately remove carrier while holding sleeping baby and this makes it a bit tough if I am using my left hand. Not a huge issue, but would be nice if it were improved in next version.

HOWEVER, I only mention these cons because you should be aware of them. We are VERY happy with this carrier. It is by far the most COMFORTABLE, VERSATILE carrier out there that I am aware of!


We just received ours and are already requesting an RMA because of the two-handed buckles. We thought we’d give it a try but they are too frustrating. Maybe we should have tried to mod the buckles with a dremel like ADW did. I put my two month old in there with his legs in froggy position and it felt very secure.

shopping mama

My problem was the hood. I didn’t like the strings. it would rub on my baby’s head now that he is bigger. Overall it is a very comfortable carrier. Beco Butterfly II didn’t work for me. Having the options to cross the straps made all the difference.

Sun Daisy

For such an expensive item I wish they would have better quality and stand by their product. The very first time I wanted to change the seat into a forward facing position, the snap broke (see image). I reached out to the company and they offered to fix it…. but that I would be out of a carrier until they sent it back (probably more than a week). They did have a loaner program where they could send me another and have a hold on my credit card to make sure that I would send it back (fine by me) but they also wanted to charge me shipping for that (NOT okay).


Somebody bought us the Ergo and I really wanted to love it, but it just doesn’t work for me; as a newborn, our baby never seemed comfortable in the insert, she would get really hot and sweaty, and would usually scream and cry getting into it. Once she was in it, I could never buckle the chest/back strap on my own (if you’re double jointed, this probably won’t be a problem for you, but I just could never reach it). She’s more comfortable in it now that she doesn’t need the insert, but can only face inward, which she usually doesn’t have the patience for unless its nap time. The Baby Bjorn is by far the best when it comes to speed and ease of getting baby into it – I could do it in about 15 seconds flat. And, unlike the Ergo, baby can face outward which our baby prefers right now at 4 months old. But, it is REALLY uncomfortable for wearing baby any more than about 15 minutes. My husband doesn’t have a problem carrying baby in it, but my shoulders start to ache because there is no hip support. From an ergonomics perspective, I don’t think the outward-facing leg positioning for baby is great either, because their legs just dangle.

The Gemini is the both of both worlds. It is really easy to put on (no double-jointed shoulders required!), it is so comfortable to wear that I barely notice the shoulder straps at all and have no upper back pain, baby is very comfortable in it (she has happily spent up to an hour in it so far) and she can face outward to see the world around her. I haven’t tried her in the hip or back-carry position yet, but can attest to the ease and comfort of the front-carry position. I also like that at the end of each strap, there is an elastic band sewn in so that you can roll up the excess strap fabric and not have the straps dangling off your sides. The only downside to this carrier is that it has no pocket, so when running errands it is difficult to be truly “hands free” (somewhere to put a wallet/keys/phone would be so handy!) but I don’t find this enough of a downside to give the product less than 5 stars. Otherwise, by far the best carrier – don’t hesitate!!


Age 8 months is when the big issues began. Son is in 96th percentile for height & 90th for weight – 22 lbs at 8 months. Contrasting, I am thin, 5’6″ 125 lbs. From 6 months baby needed wider seat base so snapped the wide seat into place. I never quite feel like I can get the carrier tight enough around my waist to hold up this giant baby. At 8 months the seat snaps began randomly popping out of place during carry, creating a lopsided baby and giving him red marks where the seat base rests. By 9 months the snaps pop every time I place him in carrier, no matter how carefully I try, how gingerly I walk, how I am SURE to never bend at waist even an inch, no matter face-in or face-out carry. Snaps pop pop pop immediately. PRODUCT FLAW. SHOULD BE STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HIS WEIGHT AS ADVERTISED. Again this creates a tiny seat base for my giant son and cuts into his legs. Also I shouldn’t have to walk on egg shells like I have been! Mind you! The carry is still VERY comfortable for me, even with a 23 lb 9 month old. But it no longer works for him. So now having to look into buying a new carrier. After the purchase of this pricey carrier AND infant insert, and all the carrier promises about reaching 30 lbs no problem, is very disappointing.


This is my second Gemini. First one for my second child was durable and been through washer 10x and still worked perfectly. That carrier was made in 2011. My current one bought in December 2014 felt cheaply made. Some snaps are irregular in shape which makes it harder than usual to close tight. The chest strap came off after 3 months of use, stitches didn’t hold up. Someone answered the Customer Service number on a cellphone with lots of background noise and was in a rush to get off the phone. Took 3 days to reply after I sent in my order number and photos of the defect. Finally after 2 exchanges, they offered to send me a replacement strap. It’s okay to staff customer support with SAHMs, but at least train them with customer support skills? Feels very unprofessional and unresponsive. Last thing parents might want to consider is this carrier has a rather narrow seat base. I use it for my super chunky 20 lb 4 months old, but now she’s growing longer at 5m old I don’t feel her thighs are well supported anymore.


I purchased this carrier for my 2nd. I found that the dinner hour – when both are tired and cranky – was just impossible without a carrier and my old Bjorn was not suitable because I needed Go-Go Gadget arms to cook beyond where my bub could reach. So I decided to get a carrier so I could put bub on my back. It works brilliantly for that – she is happy cruising or snoozing away. To my surprise, when we are out and about, I have actually used it mostly with my toddler on my back and bub in the pram. It is so comfortable that it is not a h assle at all carrying a toddler. But the brilliant thing about soft carriers is that you can stuff it in the bottom of the pram and bring it out for bub or toddler as the need arises. I love that you can front and back carry. I think bubs prefer to look out rather than at your back but when they need a snooze or you need to do something with you hands, it is so much better to have them on your back. You need 2 hands to undo the main buckle but you get used to it. For front carry, the front comes up higher than the bjorn does but bub doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest. I still really have to focus when I get bub into back carry mode but that’s probaby because I don’t put her in the back much and haven’t developed a rhythm. Overall, I am really thrilled with this purchase.


I bought this carrier for my son when he was around 4mths old and I used it almost daily just around the house and he always seemed comfortable. He is now 14mths and is about 15kgs so has already outgrown it unfortunately, I still believe I could carry him in it if the back was higher to support him that little bit more. Time to find a toddler carrier now.


BUT I am having to find myself a new carrier to buy, as my babies legs are getting too long to use the carrier ergonomically with knee-to-knee support! I was surprised when I had to change the seat from the narrow setting when she was only a couple of weeks old and nowhere near the weight guide they say in the manual, but I was more concerned about supporting her hips. Froggy position wasn’t an option either, as she would just push her legs in between me and the waistband, no matter how tightly I wore it. Now at 8 weeks the carrier isn’t supporting all the way to the knees anymore. She is a long baby, was born at 57cm and at 6 weeks was 61cm. If you are a tall family and think your bub will have long legs, I definitely recommend finding another carrier as the Gemini didn’t even last through the newborn stage!


Padding is very comfortable and baby’s weight is nicely distributed. Nevertheless, I took mine back for two reasons: – the safety buckles need two hands to release making them fiddly & awkward when putting child in and out. I’ve never had a normal buckle open accidentally & I found this an unnecessary safety feature. – the straps didn’t sit right over my large boobs & pressed awkwardly at the sides.


I got this for my 6mo DS. I also tried the Ergo, which I found awkward to put on by myself. This is easy to clip on and off once you get the nack. The thing that swung it for me was the four different types of hold, traditional facing inwards at the front, facing outwards, hip carry and back. DS loves all of them (except the back which we haven’t tried yet) and they suit different moods. If he’s grumpy and clingy, I do a hip hold. General going out I do a facing me hold and if he’s getting irritable while out, I put him facing outwards which he loved. my husband uses this and finds it comfortable and secure.


I have used it since my daughter was 3 months old (diagnosed with silent reflux and hated lying down in her pram). She is now 14 months and I still use the carrier on a regular basis. It is very comfortable and ergonomic, easy to use for a novice baby wearer like me and versatile. It’s made of organic cotton so baby sucking on the parts of fabric is not a problem, it is safe. The only downside was that I don’t find hip carry position comfortable, so we mainly use front carry. But this could be just a personal preference. I would highly recommend this carrier, it has a feel of a soft mei tai but with buckles so easy if this is your first carrier. Well worth the money and looks like new after a year of regular use.

10 Total Score
Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Review With Photos

All-in-one baby carrier Beco Gemini is designed for babies from birth until late toddlerhood. It does not require additional inserts, ergonomic and intuitive. Gemini comes in many different designs and is made out of baby-safe material. It is machine washable and dries overnight. The buckles feature safety button so you can have peace of mind knowing that it won't slip open. Beco Gemini features four carry positions: facing in, facing out, hip and back carry.

Baby's Comfort
Parent's Comfort
Ease of Use
Baby's Safety
Ease of Cleaning
  • - Four convenient carry positions: facing-in, facing,out, hip carry and back carry
  • - Can be used from birth without additional inserts
  • - Machine washable and dries fast
  • - Ergonomic in each carry position
  • - Easy and intuitive to use
  • - Shoulder straps can be crossed at the back so you won't have to battle with the back buckle
  • - Does not have a hood (like Ergobaby and Tula)
  • - Does not have a pocket for small items like keys and phone
  • - Feels a little too small after around 18 months (or less for heavier babies)
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