Deuter Kid Comfort III

Deuter Kid Comfort iii Features:

  • 5-point harness belt
  • Kickstand
  • Storage pockets
  • Mirror
  • Footrests
  • Hold handles
  • Hydration system compatible
  • 3M reflector

Deuter Kid Comfort III is a framed backpack baby carrier which is especially designed for long-tern hiking trips. While being rather costly it has a great variety of features that many other similar backpacks lack. Most of the “bells and whistles” are included into the price.

This carrier can be used from the time the baby turns about 6 months and until she reaches 48 pounds. The manufacturers put an emphasis on the parent’s and the baby’s comfort. This backpack carrier allows the parent to carry significant weight without getting any backaches thanks to perfect weight distribution. On the downside, the backpack itself is rather heavy.

If you are planning to purchase a framed backpack carrier for frequent hiking trips and are considering Deuter Kid Comfort 3, this review will help you make up your mind about this particular carrier. You’ll get a chance to study all the features it has to offer, learn all the pros and cons and browse through other parents’ reviews.

Deuter Kid Comfort iii Advantages:

  • A very high seat placement allows the baby to have a perfect view of the surroundings and not get bored.
  • Good leg support makes the wearing comfortable for the baby during lengthy hiking trips.
  • Heavily padded back panel makes it comfortable for the parent to wear a baby up to 48 pounds.
  • All straps are padded, easily adjustable and offer good weight distribution.
  • There is a lot of storage pockets on the back and the sides to store small things like change, cell phones and car keys.
  • This carrier is compatible with a hydration system which is not included.
  • The carrier is foldable which makes it easy to transport in a trunk or easy to store at home.


We bought this for our trip to Yellowstone. I debated which carrier to get for at least a couple of months and settled on this one because of the reviews. They were right. It adjusts easily for both myself (5’4″) and my husband (6’4″). Our 15 month old daughter tries to climb in it every time we take it out. We had never taken her hiking before and ended up in the woods/mountains for several hours at a time. She easily took her naps in the carrier and we were even able to set her down and she would stay asleep. My only complaint is that her little head would often fall out the side instead of staying on the provided pillow. We had a tiny additional pillow we took along to remedy the problem. She also sat high enough that she could see everything we saw including the bears! I saw a lot of other parents with other carriers and this one was definitely the best. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s worth the price.

Disadvantages of Deuter Kid iii

  • This framed backpack carrier is rather heavy. It weighs 7 pounds and 11 ounces which is a lot of additional weight for the parent to carry especially when used for a toddler.
  • Deuter Kid Comfort III is rather high priced. It starts at $299.
  • The built-in sunshade makes this hiking baby carrier rather high and lacking in clearance which can be a problem for some complicated hiking routes.
  • Storage pockets are hard to reach since they are mostly located on the back of the carrier.
  • The rain canopy is not included and needs to be purchased for about $30.

Deuter Kid Comfort iii Child Carrier Features

  • 5-point harness belt with wide straps makes the child feel extra security.
  • The kickstand allows the parent to put this hiking baby carrier down easy and subtly without waking up a sleeping child.
  • A “rearview” mirror allows the parent to check out how the baby is doing in the back.
  • Sunshade is large enough to cover the whole carrier and folds away completely.
  • Footrests adjust to the height of the child and make seating in the carrier very comfortable.
  • Grab handles make it easy to put the carrier on and take it off.
  • There is 18 liters of storage capacity for various hiking gear.

Deuter Kid Comfort iii Backpack Carrier Material

This framed backpack carrier is made out of 600-den polyester and ripstop nylon with a thick PU-coating. This sturdy material is perfect for heavy duty use of such hiking carriers. The frame is made out of aluminum.

The fabric is very breathable which is extremely important for long hiking trips. Parents report easy and sweat-free wearing even in the warm weather.

Deuter Kid Comfort III Hiking Carrier Safety

Deuter Kid Comfort 3 gets the highest scores for its safety features. A 5-point harness belt with padded straps and a buckle between the child’s legs don’t just make the passenger very securely. It also offers the maximum comfort during the lengthy hiking trips. All clips and buckles are manufactured out of sturdy plastic which can be easily undone when needed by the parent. Once the harness is buckled, the wrap-around sides of the carrier get closer to the passenger which gives the child extra protection from the wind and bumps.

Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier Ease Of Use

The learning curve of this baby carrier is rather low. You won’t need to watch some extra videos or read long instructions manuals in order to learn how to put it on. The quantity of clips and buckles is rather moderate which makes it pretty intuitive to put on. The color-coded buckles make the handling even easier.

This carrier gets high scores for its adjustability. The straps and the waist belt can be easily adjusted while wearing the baby and make it easy to transfer between partners.


We loved our Deuter carrier! We are an active family, we like to walk and we never stopped walking with this. We have two kids and they both loved to sit in it, and fell asleep in it every time we went walking. It is comfortable to carry, and has also enough storage. We went into the mountains with it and the kids felt safe. It was definitely worth the money!

Deuter Kid Comfort III Baby’s Comfort

High seat placement allows the baby to avoid boredom by letting her take in the surroundings. The seat is cushioned which provides comfortable seating conditions. The straps on the 5-point harness belt are well-padded so there is not digging into the baby’s skin.

This carrier is equipped with a headrest which makes it comfortable for the baby to sleep. The large built-in sunshade provides protection even if the baby is sleeping with the head on one side.

The manufacturer adds a small teddy bear into the box with a carrier which will definitely make any child very happy.

The carrier comes with two pillows to provide children with comfortable sleeping experience. One pillow is made out of soft microfiber and can be used in the cold weather and the other one is made out of breathable materials for a hotter weather.


I’ve taken this toy out like 5 times now. It has worked like a charm in every one of them. My daughter (8 months old now) seems to like it a lot. She enjoys our hikes out in the mountains and when it is super sunny the canopy that comes with the backpack works great. I can’t ask her for specifics yet, but I’d say she is comfortable in it, as she is usually either laughing or falling asleep in it. The only thing that I would complain a bit about is the reach of the feet support. Right now those are too big for her to use, but I’m sure in a month this problem will no longer be there.

Deuter Kid Comfort iii Child Carrier Parent’s Comfort

All straps and the back panel are well-padded which makes Deuter Kid Comfort 3 hiking baby carrier comfortable to wear. The Velcro on the back panel can help the parent adjust the carrier very quickly without disturbing the baby.

Since the colors for this carrier are unisex and all the strap pads and the hip belt are adjustable, the backpack can easily be switched between partners. 7 storage pockets allow the parents not to bother with extra bags for carrying small things. However, these things are pretty hard to access since for some reason most of the pockets are located on the back of the carrier. So a parent would need to take the backpack off in order to reach them.


My 2 (now 3) year old really enjoyed hiking in this. Its sturdy and helps distribute the weight so it’s not all on your back. I an 5’2 and was able to use this with my toddler. We were able to check this into the airline no problem, it was considered a “special package” same at a stroller and car seat.

Cleaning and Washing your Deuter Kid Comfort iii Hiking Carrier

The chin pad can be removed and machine washed to maintain the hygiene which is especially useful for babies who drool a lot. The rain canopy will need to be hand washed. The rest of the hiking baby carrier has to be spot-cleaned. The material it’s made out of allows for simple spot cleaning with a mild soap and a sponge. The tougher spots can be dealt with by a toothbrush.

Deuter Kid Comfort iii Backpack Carrier Popular Uses

This baby carrier was especially designed to be worn during lengthy hiking trips. Most parents decide to spend money on such a carrier in order to have certain freedom for moving around with their baby during outdoor activities. Accordingly, such carrier is purchased specifically for hikes.

Other parents make a decision to buy this carrier if they like to do a lot of sightseeing. The design of this framed backpack carrier allows the baby to be comfortable for as long as possible while the parents can avoid backaches that can be an unfortunate side effect of the lengthy use of other carriers.

Basically, this carrier can be used for any long outdoor activities. But the main purpose of this backpack is to provide safe baby wearing during hiking trips.


Overall, the Deuter Kid Comfort III a great pack, but it’s not called “The Cadillac” for nothing. This is a hefty pack that means business. If big expeditions aren’t on your calendar this year, go for a more compact carrier.

Should I Buy Deuter Kid iii Kid Carrier?

Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is a heavy duty baby carrier designed especially for long-term outdoor trips, especially hiking. The carrier is equipped with a huge number of features which add to both the baby’s and the parent’s comfort. This backpack is very adjustable and can be easily switched between wearers. The seat height and the straps’ length are also adjustable which makes it a great carrying options for both babies and toddlers.

The carrier is equipped with a 5-point harness belt with padded straps and a buckle between the passenger’s legs. The safety of this carrier gets the highest scores. The child is not just protected from falling out of the carrier, the cushioned seat and the headrest make it comfortable for her to endure bumps on the road.

Deuter Kid Comfort III comes with several useful accessories such as a teddy bear for the baby and two sleeping pillows that can be used depending on the weather. 3D mesh on the straps helps the parent avoid sweating in the hot weather conditions.

The carrier is rather heavy on its own which coupled together with the 48-pound weight of the baby and the gear can make it hard to carry for a long time if your back muscles are untrained. However, most parents report that thanks to the great weight distribution, the wearing is very comfortable.

This carrier is easy to put on and take off thanks to the color-coded buckles, grab handles and a kickstand. The rain canopy gets great reviews from the parents who often need to wear a baby in the rainy weather.

Overall, this carrier is designed to provide the utmost comfort to both the parent the baby. The main disadvantage of this carrier is its weight which is impossible to avoid due to all the features that come with it. We can easily recommend Deuter Kid Comfort III to parents who like hiking and are ready to spend money on the high-quality backpack which can make their outdoor experience comfortable and enjoyable.

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