Ergobaby Four Position 360 Review

Featuresof Ergobaby 360 Four Position Carrier:

  • Extendable head panel
  • Velcro waistband
  • Structured bucket seat
  • Sun hood

Ergobaby 360 is a versatile baby carrier designed to carry babies from their infancy and until they turn about 3 years old. The unique feature of this carrier is the ergonomic front facing position which is hard to find in other carriers. Ergobaby 360 has many useful features as well as additional options. It is a bit high-priced but offers a lot of comfort for both the baby and the parents.

In this review you will find all the pros and cons of Ergobaby 360. You will learn all about the offered positions, the cost, the features, the safety and all the other information the parents might need before buying the perfect baby carrier for themselves and their child.

Advantages of Ergobaby Four Position 360

  • This baby carrier offers good weight distribution which allows comfortable long-term carrying.
  • Extra wide Velcro waistband helps better weight distribution and can be adjusted depending on the parent’s preferences.
  • Structured seat makes it comfortable for the toddler to sit in the carrier.
  • There are four different wearing positions as opposed to three of other Ergobaby carriers
  • The low learning curve makes it easy for both parents to master wearing Ergobaby 360. Only one simple video is enough to understand how to use the carrier.
  • The carrier is designed for easy newborn nursing.

Check out how Beautiful Tribe mom breastfed in her Ergobaby 360 baby carrier.

  • Padding around the leg holes make the carrier extra comfortable for the baby.

  • The carrier can be folded compactly which means it is easy to store or to take with you while traveling.
  • The carrier is rather light compared to other SSCs. It weighs only 1.55 lbs. which makes it easy to carry around with a heavier baby inside.


I was excited to try out this new Ergo Baby 360* carrier, being a very happy owner of an organic Original Ergo. I carried my 7.5mo old 20lb 29″ baby in each position. He really loved the hip carry, and I found it quite comfortable too. I didn’t feel the forward facing carry held him in a full knee to knee position, and it felt awkward to have him that way. I stuck mostly with the inward facing front carry. The waist strap on the Ergo 360* is wide and very comfortable, but difficult to adjust due to the hook & loop closure. I much prefer the buckle on the Original Ergo. The extra padding at the leg openings is really nice for baby. We took used it for several long walks, trips to the market, baby yoga, and it was very comfortable! All in all, it is a very nice carrier! I do wish it was a bit easier & quicker to put on, and I won’t be giving up my Original Ergo anytime soon, but I will definitely continue to recommend Ergo Baby products to other families!

Disadvantages of Ergobaby Four Position 360

  • The waistband is made with the use of very tight Velcro which is hard to manage. It also makes a rather loud sound when pulled apart. Such noise is likely to wake up a sleeping baby.
  • The cost of this soft-structured baby carrier is above the average, while the variety of features is lacking. The infant insert comes separately and costs extra $25.
  • The absence of storage is surprising for such SSC. There is only one zipped pocket on this carrier and it is used for the hood.
  • The 33-pound weight limitation limits the versatility of this carrier. Most of the other SSCs allow wearing a baby until she reaches 45 pounds. This one can be used until the baby is about 3 years old.
  • For babies under 12 pounds you will need an additional infant insert. While being very well-designed, the additional fabric and padding make the carrier hotter and bulkier.

Features of Ergobaby Four Position 360

  • Extendable head panel can be folded up to offer extra head support and folded down to allow the baby to look around.
  • Velcro waistband makes it easy to adjust the carrier
  • Structured bucket seat makes the baby very comfortable in the ergonomic frog position
  • A sun hood that comes with the carrier is rather small and doesn’t offer all the desired protection from the sun and the rain. However, it helps moms with discreet breastfeeding.
  • Infant insert for babies 7 – 12 pounds has a lot of padding and there is a seat to help support the baby’s legs. There is also a head cushion which offers support for the baby’s head and neck. It will cost you additional $25.


I bought the 360 ergo and the infant insert for our now two months old baby girl. She outgrew the insert pretty quickly but is still too little to fit inside without any support. A thin rolled blanket works fine as a cushion and she’s perfectly happy snuggled up in there. I’m really happy with this purchase.

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Material

Ergobaby 360 is made out of sturdy 100 % cotton. It feels soft enough for the baby and secure enough for the parent. This carrier comes in different colors but there is not variety of prints. The neutral shades make this carrier easy to switch between partners.

Ergobaby Four Positions 360 Carry Positions

Ergobaby 360 carrier offers 4 different carrying positions. It gets great reviews for the ergonomic facing out position since it is usually not an option for most of the soft-structured carriers:

Front Carry (Facing in):

This standard position is recommended for the babies of all ages. The ergonomic position is easily achieved and the discreet breastfeeding and sound sleeping is guaranteed.

Front Carry (Facing out):

This position can be used after the baby gets good control of her neck muscles which happens at about 5 or 6 months. Such position can’t be used for a very long time since it is not considered “natural”. However, the manufacturer managed to design this carrier to allow ergonomic M leg arrangement in this position, so it can be used for longer periods of time. It is not recommended to allow the baby fall asleep in such position, since the head and the neck are not properly supported.

Back carry:

This position is good for babies who reached about 6 months. The structured bucket seat makes the baby comfortable and snug in the back carry position even when the shoulder straps are unbuckled during the taking off process.

Hip Carry:

This standard position is comfortable for the baby since she gets to see the world but not as comfortable for the parent who loses the freedom to use one of the hands.


I think that for mothers with babies age 5-12 months might be appreciative if this Ergobaby 360 which gives them an option of having a Front-Outward position ergonomically, which is achieved using this Ergobaby 360!

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Safety

One of the main safety concerns the parents have about baby carriers is the right ergonomic leg
position. This “M” or “frog” leg arrangement is especially hard to achieve in the front facing out
position. Ergobaby 360 is designed to offer the perfect leg position when you carry your baby
facing out. The wide structured bucket seat offers extra support for the baby when she is in the
upright position.

The carrier is made out of sturdy material with safe fastenings. The baby is securely held in all of the four offered positions.

Baby’s Comfort in Ergobaby Four Position 360

Ergobaby 360 offers four different carrying position, each one of them is ergonomic and very comfortable for a child. The structured bucket seat helps the baby feel comfortable in the frog position when the knees are at th hip level. Extendable head panel offers extra support for babies who can’t control their neck muscles yet.

The infant insert is very well design and has all the necessary features for safe and comfortable wearing. The leg holes are padded which makes it especially comfortable for the child to be carried around for a long time.

Parent’s Comfort in Ergobaby Four Position 360

Padded shoulder straps and a wide waistband make this carrier very comfortable for the parent. Ergobaby 360 is offering great weight distribution which makes it easy to wear heavy toddlers for long periods of time.

Special attention should be paid to the Velcro waistband. The absence of clips and buckles doesn’t just make it extra comfortable for the parent to wear but also doesn’t cause any discomfort for the baby whose legs are only touching the soft fabric. The downside of this Velcro waistband is the loud sound it makes when being taken off. If you need to take the baby out of the carrier while she is sleeping, the Velcro band makes it nearly impossible. Taking the baby out without loosening the band is pretty complicated.

The chest clip that’s positioned between the shoulder blades can be hard for some parents to manage. Some moms report that taking the baby out of the carrier can be a little tricky. Loosening all the straps and undoing the Velcro takes a bit of time.


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