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Moby Wrap is one of the most popular wrap-type baby carriers on the market. It has several carrying positions, including the newborn hug hold which is perfect for newborn babies. There are several types of Moby Wrap that cater to different mom’s and baby’s requirements. It might be hard to learn how to wear it at first but the advantages are numerous. This review will give you an idea of what Moby Wrap is like and help you make the right decision when choosing the right baby carrier for you and your little one.

Many moms have been using Moby Wrap in different situations and climates. Mostly this wrap gets good reviews due to its ergonomic qualities, breathable materials and moderate cost. However, there are moms and dads who choose not to use this wrap due to its high learning curve. Overall, we have found that if parents are brave enough to take on the learning challenge, they stay with it. Here are some advantages and disadvantage to the Moby Wrap:

Moby Wrap Advantages

  • One size fits all – only one wrap is needed to carry newborns and toddlers. It can serve well for several years.

  • Cost– low cost is one of the most important advantages of Moby Wrap. It makes it available to many parents.
  • Feeling of security – multiple wrapping allows the parent and the baby to feel safe and comfortable. Stretch cotton and material width add to the feeling of security.


I love the full support this carrier provides for my little one while keeping them perfectly snug and secure against my body. It’s just like I am pregnant again! My hands are completely free to do the tasks necessary around my home. This carrier has been particularly handy while juggling a teething little guy (yes, Titus has been teething away this past week – alas!).”

  • Simple breastfeeding – the stretchy fabric allows for easy and comfortable breastfeeding without taking the wrap off.

Watch this amazing video with instructions on how to breastfeed in Moby Wrap. Breastfeeding in the Moby Wrap is so easy!

  • Variety of color options – Moby design wraps come in all types of beautiful patterns. Any parent can find a suitable wrap for his or her use. This is especially important for fathers who often don’t appreciate bright patterns. Moby Wraps are available in classic colors, bamboo, organic and designs with various pretty patterns. Here are some of the classic colors as well as one pattern wrap. You will most certainly find the color that you will love.

Image Source

  • Variety of positions – Moby wrap offers a great variety of baby wearing positions for babies for different ages.

Moby Wrap newborn hug hold carry position

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Moby Wrap hip hold carry position

Moby wrap kangaroo hold carry position

  • Easy to maintain – The wrap is machine washable and can be put through a drier. The fabric looks like new even after you’ve washed it multiple times.

Washing of Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap is easy to clean. Prewashing before first use is recommended. You can machine wash your Moby Wrap in cold water and air-dry or tumble dry on low. Your Moby Wrap may shrink slightly in the dryer, but will stretch out again after being worn.


  • The size – Moby wrap is very compact. It can easily fit into a diaper bag. So you can easily take it along with you on any trips.

Moby Wrap Disadvantages:

  • High learning curve – Learning how to use a Moby Wrap is not an easy task. It takes a lot of practice. There are some useful videos that will teach you how to use the wrap. However, many decide against using it. Once the wrap wearing is mastered, you will be able to easily use

Moby Wrap Instructions

First, learn how to wrap yourself in Moby wrap. All carry positions start from this stage. Once you have learnt how to wrap yourself in the Moby wrap you have pretty much mastered most of the wrapping. Watch the official Moby wrap instructions:

Now that you have wrapped yourself, you can choose what carry position is best suited for your baby’s mood and age and try it out:

Moby Wrap Newborn Hug Hold Instructions

Moby Wrap Hug Hold Carry Position Instructions

Moby Wrap Hip Carry Position Instructions

Moby Wrap Kangaroo Hold Carry Position Instructions

How To Take Baby Out of Moby Wrap Instructions

This is also a very nice video of mom using a Moby Wrap with a newborn baby. This is usually the time when it is the hardest to put them in. She gives very good recommendations and demonstrates how to put on a Moby Wrap with a real baby.

  • The length – Since Moby Wrap is a rather long piece of cloth, the ends drag on the floor or the ground while you are putting it on. This causes it to get dirty during rainy or snowy weather or in public places where floors might not be as clean as you wish. The dimensions of Moby Wrap are as follows: 23 inches wide and a little more than 16 feet long. The official website says that the wrap is 5.5 meters long however you can get a longer one (6 meters) by calling them.
  • Stretchability – When you wear this wrap for a long time, it can stretch and sag. However, this is easily fixed by washing. But as your baby grows it will stretch more and more. A lot of moms go for a woven wrap instead, because it is way more comfortable than a stretchy Moby material.


Most people only use a moby or other stretchy until about 15lbs before they start stretching too much. I found the moby too long, too narrow and to heavy. I made my own stretchy and it lasted to right around 15lbs.


If you’re interested in a wrap, you could try a woven wrap like a storchenweige, girasol, didymos, etc. Basically it is a long fabric like the moby and you have to learn to wrap it, but it’s woven and not stretchy like a moby so they don’t sag at all.


  • The heat – classic Moby Wrap can be rather hot for babies and parents who live in a warm climate. This problem can partially be solved by getting a more breathable Bamboo wrap.
  • The size – The amount of fabric makes it hard for petite moms to put the wrap on. A lot of warp-wearing moms out there recommend making your own wrap. Perhaps if you are brave enough to learn how to wrap, then you might be brave enough to tackle a homemade wrap project.


I’m 5’3″ and post-baby/pre-diet, I was around 140 when I was using it with my first. I loves having baby close and it was easy to get her in it. Problems were that there was a ton of fabric for my size of frame. It also wasn’t the fastest option to use if I was running in and out of somewhere. (Especially in the Seattle weather, I didn’t want to wrap myself on the rain). I would sometimes put it on before getting in the car to leave, but it is bulky.

Moby Wrap Types

  • Classic Moby Wrap ( 8-35 lbs) – stretchy and durable fabric

  • Bamboo Moby Wrap ( 8-30 lbs) – breathable and anti-bacterial fabric

  • Organic Moby Wrap (8-35 lbs) – 100% OE certified organic cotton

  • Design Wrap(8-35 lbs) – unique prints

  • Moby GO (15-45 lbs) – soft structured baby carrier for older children

Moby Wrap Material

Original Moby Wrap is made out of 100% cotton. It is stretchable which adds some advantages as well as disadvantages to the baby and the wearer. Other types of Moby Wraps are made from bamboo and organic cotton. The advantage of bamboo material is its breathability. People who live in a warm climate will appreciate this material as it prevents sweating. Since wrap needs to be tied around a parent’s body in several layers, the breathable material is imperative for easy and comfortable wearing.

Some parents report that the 100% cotton fabric starts sagging with time and even the above-mentioned washing doesn’t help. This means that the wrap might not last for several years. You might need to consider buying another wrap, such as Moby Go as your child gets older and heavier. Some moms say that carrying a toddler in a stretchy wrap doesn’t feel secure enough.

Moby Wrap Carry Positions

The manufacturer offers several carry positions for the Moby wrap. There are also two more which are possible but not recommended.

  • Newborn hug hold – this position is best recommended for newborn babies from 8 pounds. However, underweight babies can be carried as well after consulting the physician. This position offers head and neck support and allows for comfortable breastfeeding.

Moby Wrap Newborn Hug Hold Instructions

  • Hug hold – this position is great for babies who can support their heads. It’s a mom facing position with baby’s legs sticking out of the wrap. It is important to make sure that the baby’s legs are in an M position.
  • Hip hold – this position is recommended for babies who have an excellent control of their heads and upper bodies (5 months +). It is comfortable for the wearer since the baby’s weight is naturally supported by both back and the hip.

Moby Wrap Hip Hold Instructions

  • Kangaroo wrap – another position suitable for newborns. It reminds of a cradle-hold and can be used for comfortable breastfeeding.

Moby Wrap Kangaroo Hold Instructions

Front facing and back carry positions are also possible with a Moby Wrap. However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend them and you won’t find official videos teaching you how to tie the wrap to achieve these positions. Some moms learn how to do it on their own.

Moby Wrap Back Carry Instructions

Is Baby Comfortable in Moby Wrap?

Moby is a very comfortable wrap for the baby’s needs. The great variety of positions together with light and soft fabric give a baby all the possible comfort. The stretch fabric allows the baby to feel safe and secure while tied to their parent’s body. The wrap offers good head support for newborns and comfortable positioning for toddlers. Unfortunately, this wrap doesn’t have a front facing position (officially), which is a disadvantage for older babies who like to observe the world around them. This is partially compensated by the hip hold position. However, it is often not very comfortable for the parent. Positions for newborns allow for comfortable breastfeeding and sound sleeping.


a bit tricky to get used to, takes a few goes to really get a nice secure fit, but when you’ve got the knack it’s fantastic. Really comfortable and secure for a newborn. Cosy too, you dont need to dress baby much as she’s all wrapped up inside – good for those quick outdoor walks when shes crying!

Is Moby Wrap Comfortable For a Parent?

Most moms who actually learn how to use Moby Wrap give it a good rating. The wrap does an excellent job providing a good hold for the baby. At the same time the weight is evenly distributed over the back and the shoulders which makes the wrap easy and comfortable to wear. One of the main discomforts this wrap causes is the heat. Many parents say no to this wrap in the summer since wrapping yourself in several layers of fabric (even if it is breathable) causes a lot of sweating and other unpleasant feelings. However, in the cold season, this wrap is a wonderful idea since it keeps both the baby and the parent warm. Learning how to use a Moby Wrap is tough but doable. There are many videos available to assist parents with this complicated task.

Moby Wrap Washing Instructions

Cleaning Moby Wrap is simple. It is machine washable and can be put through a drier. Essentially, it’s just a very large piece of fabric. There are no belts, buckles, zippers and etc, that can make other carriers hard to clean. Easy cleaning is imperative for this wrap since it gets dirty rather often due to the ends dragging on the floor and the ground. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, so get ready to wash the Moby Wrap on a regular basis. Most users report that frequent washing doesn’t anyhow affect the quality of the Moby Wrap.

Moby Wrap Popular Uses

Moby is a great baby wrap which can be used absolutely anywhere. Moms use it at home while doing chores or outside on a walk. It can be worn on trips to the mall or while sightseeing. Due to the well thought-out weight distribution, Moby Wrap can be worn for long hours without feeling any discomfort.

Dad Canning Tatum is carrying his daughter Everly in a designer Moby Wrap in Los Angeles Airport. Looks very comfortable.


A friend has lent me her moby sling and its great. She showed me how to use it and had to look on you tube when she got it as it is rather confusing. I managed a long dog walk with my 7 week old asleep in the sling yesterday and he didn’t move or slip about at all despite lots of bending down, running, climbing etc whilst playing with my 3 yr old.

Should I Buy Moby Wrap?

Moby Wrap is considered to be a wonderful baby carrier by parents who are not afraid of learning how to use it. This wrap offers both the baby and the parents all the possible advantages of baby wearing. It comes in many different patterns and is very easy to clean. However, it’s only real disadvantage – the steep learning curve- scares a lot of potential wearers away. This is unfortunate

9.5 Total Score

Baby's Comfort
Parent's Comfort
Ease of Use
Baby's Safety
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