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A wrap conversion ring sling is essentially a wrap fabric converted into a simple ring sling. Some moms choose to do the conversion on their own, while some prefer the manufacturer to do it for them. That’s exactly the way Tula Ring Sling came to life. It has many advantages of a wrap while offering all the bonuses of a ring sling. It’s a versatile carrier that can be used for both newborns and toddlers. While it lacks in features just like most slings do, Tula Ring Sling offers a large variety of prints and fabrics for parents to choose from.

In this review we are giving extensive description of this particular ring sling as well as all pros and cons to help you make the best buy for your money.

Advantages of Tula Ring Sling

  • The conversion slings are usually made from woven wraps and it makes them wider and more comfortable to wear than regular ring slings. The wider sling is preferable for older babies.
  • Ring sling is perfect for discreet breastfeeding in the front carry facing in position

Cozy Chic Mommy shares her photo of breastfeeding in Tula Ring sling.

  • The variety of different patterns allows any parent to choose their favorite sling design. They can satisfy even the pickiest parent.
  • Offers great weight distribution which makes it fit for lengthy wear.
  • Tula Ring Sling is adjustable and can be used by different wearers.
  • Four wearing positions. This sling has a good number of wearing positions. Each one of them is suitable for a baby of a certain age.


Tula makes beautiful carriers and this one is no exception! Love the pattern!

Tula Ring Sling Disadvantages

  • High learning curve. All ring slings have a high learning curve and Tula is not an exception. It will take some time to get comfortable with putting it on. This can be a reason not to call this carrier “daddy friendly”.
  • High price. Tula Ring Sling is rather high priced. It costs as much as many soft structured carriers do.
  • Absence of extra features. This is the case with most ring sling carriers. Tula doesn’t have any extra features for comfortable wearing


Just an FYI, Tula tends to hold its value well so even used, it may not be much cheeper. But so worth it!! If you get on the swaps, you may see some used Tulas for more than retail if they’re out of print and very desirable prints. And the wrap conversion market for Tulas is insane! But if you want a common in stock canvas, you may be able to find one slightly under retail.

Tula Ring Sling Material

Some models of Tula ring sling are made out of soft 55% Tencel and 45 % cotton mix. Others can be made out of 100% cotton. All depends on the pattern you choose. The rings are made of high-quality aluminum. The fabric Tula ring sling is made out of is very soft to the touch and is comfortable to wear for both parents and the baby. These slings are made out of woven wraps.

Image Source

Tula ring sling weighs 2.2 lbs. It’s dimensions are 11 x 9.5 x 5.5 in. It comes in several sizes that should be chosen based on the T-shirt size. S/M size is about 77 inches long while L/XL is about 87 inches long when new. Once the sling is washed it can shrink up to 20 % (if it’s partially made out of Tencel).

Below is some useful information borrowed from official Tula website that will aid in choosing the right size for you.

Tula Ring Sling Sizes

Moms Wearing Tula Ring Sling Size S/M

Moms Wearing Tula Ring Sling Size L/XL


I am SO impressed by Tencel. It is soft, SO supportive, and almost “fluffy” feeling without being bulky or thick. This is good because bulky, thick wraps can be very difficult to adjust. It’s also incredibly breathable so it’s not too hot. I would have no reservations wearing this baby in the summertime.

Tula Ring Sling Carry Positions

Tula Ring Sling offers four main carrying positions. They are suitable for babies of different ages. While being a little complicated to learn, all these positions offer the most comfort for the baby and the parents.

  • Cradle position. This position can be used from the time the baby is born and until she turns about 4 months. The baby is fully covered by the sling fabric which offers sound sleeping and discreet breastfeeding. This position is considered the most ergonomic for newborns.
  • Front carry (or tummy to tummy position). This position is good for babies from about 3 months. It can be good for the baby to sleep in, however, it doesn’t provide proper head support, so the baby must have good control of her neck muscles.
  • Hip carry position. This position can be used from the time the baby turns about 5 months old and until she gets too heavy for the sling. Its perfect for looking out and studying the world around her. However, it limits the functionality of one of the parent’s hands.
  • Kangaroo position. This position is great for children from 3 to 7 months old. The baby must have good head control. Just like the hip position it allows the baby to see the world around her. However, it can only be used when the baby is small enough since she must cross her legs and sit this way inside the sling.

There is also a piggy back position that some ring sling moms use once the baby turns about 10 months. However, the safety of this position is somewhat controversial.

Amazon customer

So glad I finally bought a ring sling. My toddler daughter constantly wants to be on my hip. She is about to be 2 years old and is 25 pounds. This works perfectly for her. You may still have some discomfort but it SO MUCH better than trying to hold 25 pounds on your hip for the entire grocery shopping trip!

Tula Ring Sling Safety

If worn correctly, Tula Ring Sling provides all the safety the baby and the parent require. However, it is extremely important to learn how to put the baby into the ring sling and tighten her up well. If the sling is worn incorrectly, the baby’s safety is jeopardized.

The ring sling has a high learning curve and that’s why a parent must be ready to spend some time learning how to use it. The baby safety is completely up to the parent. Tula sling is designed to offer the most safety to both newborns and toddlers.

Tula Ring Sling Baby’s Comfort

Tula ring sling is perfectly designed to provide the baby the most comfort during wearing. Ring slings are usually considered the best baby carriers for infants since they provide comfortable sleeping and breastfeeding. However, toddlers will also feel good in Tula sling since they are offered a chance to look at the world in the hip position. Unfortunately, the number of positions for toddler is limited.

The baby is always placed in anatomically correct position which makes it comfortable for them to be worn. The design of Tula Ring Sling allows the parent to easily take the baby out which is priceless for the cases when the baby falls asleep in the sling and needs to be noiseless transferred to the bed.

Tula Ring Sling Parent’s Comfort

There are two major comfort disadvantages to Tula ring sling. One of them is a high learning curve which can be dealt with by spending about 30 minutes watching some instruction videos. The second one is the weight distribution for wearing toddlers. The heavier the baby gets, the harder it is for the parent to wear her in a ring sling. After the baby reaches about 20 pounds, some moms report backaches. That’s why some parents might consider getting another carrier once the baby gets older.

Tula ring sling offers maximum comfort while wearing an infant. The parents don’t need to worry about a baby’s safety or the wrong positioning. While being a little complicated to put on, the baby can easily be taken out of the sling which helps avoid any unnecessary fussing.

Cleaning and Washing Instructions for Tula Ring Sling

Tula ring sling is machine washable but it the manufacturer recommends hand washing. If you choose to wash the sling in a machine, delicate cold cycle is recommended. In order to keep the rings from damaging you can put a sock over them.

It is recommended to wash the sling before first use. This is necessary to make the fabric softer and allow for the natural shrinkage which can be up to 20%.

Overall, the cleaning can take some time especially if you follow the instructions and hand wash the sling. It’s not drier compatible so it will take time to air dry it.

Best Uses for Tula Ring Sling

For ages slings have been used for comfortable baby carrying in many different situations. Tula Ring Sling is not an exception. It provides fun and safe baby wearing during long-term trips as well as short walks with older kids. Tula is great for doing house chores since it is rather lightweight.

Moms have been using Tula Ring Slings for going on lengthy shopping trips, for travelling in airplanes and trains, for discreet nursing in public places and for short dog walks. Some parents use the ring sling at home to help a baby to stop fussing and allow her to fall asleep faster.


I purchased the Tula ring sling when my boy was 4 weeks old. He was to small for most carriers and didn’t like the stroller bassinet we wanted to use. The ring sling was/is great for home and outings. I recommend rolling the tail for extra neck/head support.

Should I Buy Tula Ring Slin?

Tula Ring Sling is a rather high-priced baby carrier made out of durable yet soft material. While not having a great variety of features as soft-structured baby carriers do, this sling comes in a variety of colors and designs to satisfy both parents. It offers four different carrying positions, however, most of them are suitable for children under 7 months old. This sling is very adjustable and can be worn by several people of close sizes. The sling comes in two sizes to minimize the amount of fabric needed for safe carrying. This eliminates the need to walk around with a long “tail”. However, if two parents are very different in size, they won’t be able to use the same sling.

Tula Ring Sling is well-designed for the baby’s comfort. Discreet breastfeeding and comfortable ergonomic sleeping position makes small babies real fans of this sling. Once the baby gets older, she can watch the world around her from the hip or tummy-to-tummy position. The sling is machine washable but hand washing is highly recommended by the manufacturer which makes the sling harder to care for than its machine washable and drier compatible counterparts.

Tula model has all the advantages a ring sling has, however, it lacks features other carriers offer. This sling can be recommended for parents of children under about 20 pounds. The heavier the baby gets, the harder it is for the parent to wear the sling. At the same time the baby feels comfortable in this sling at any age.

Overall, Tula Ring Sling is recommended for parents who like high-quality materials, great variety of patterns, care for the baby’s safety and are ready to buy a new carrier once the baby reaches about 20 -25 pounds.

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